Hi! My name is Diego.

Learn more about me below.

A Quick Introduction:

I am a tech savvy, serial entrepreneur and web developer.

I help other entrepreneurs to improve their products, their businesses, and themselves.

Why? I believe that businesses can change the world.

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I am addicted to two main things:

(1) Entrepreneurship and (2) Economics/Finance.

I have started and run several small businesses (some for-profit, and others not-for-profit) and not all of them were successful. Seeking real change, I even ran for local office once.

These experiences have been very helpful to me for many reasons, but the one the always comes to my mind is that my success is truly dependent on my failures. To me, in many ways: knowing what works, and even what does not work gives me an advantage that I would never have had otherwise — the ability to predict what would happen if I were to do those things again.

My biggest goal right now is to do my part to completely flip the Albuquerque, NM economy upside-down, making much more room for more entrepreneurs, businesses, high-skilled jobs, and high-wage jobs here in the city I was born.  If you are interested, you will learn more about my efforts in this direction by subscribing to my Siam Tek Newsletter.

Sure, I have lofty goals and large aspirations. I start conversations, share ideas, and take large strides in directions that few else I know would. I pride myself on being “different”, because being different is what drives innovation in the modern economy.

I just want to make an identifiable, positive impact on the world around me. And to me — as long as I make progress in that general direction, how much I fail trying to do it does not really affect my trajectory towards it.

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I Drive Web Results Through 3 Stages:


Design an online marketing plan and business workflow that works

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Build the web assets and the processes necessary to execute the plan

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Promote the website to get it in front of the people that really matter

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It’s important to note that I don’t just create websites.

I drive revenue to businesses.

As the owner and founder of Siam Tek, I focus on automating revenue-generation for Albuquerque, NM businesses through their online presence. Because, the most important thing that is important to any business is Return on Investment (ROI).

My end goal for doing this specifically — is to do my part to completely flip the Albuquerque economy upside down — to attract more business and human capital to my humble home. I want there to be more entrepreneurs, more jobs, and higher amounts of skilled income wages contributing to the economy here.

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