Announcement: “Dropped Off The Grid”

So I’ve been away from the internet for a few weeks. I posted a message on my facebook and twitter some 3-4 weeks ago that I was “dropping off the grid” and that I would follow the path of the man that was reported in the Onion newspaper (America’s Finest News Source) to do the same thing. I have since forgotten (read: been to lazy) to update my blog to let you know that I was doing as such.

And since now, I am back and blogging again, such an announcement at this point is unnecessary.

I have several posts that I have been working on coming soon: some of them humor related and some not so humor related. I’m curious to see your reactions.

Anywho, I must get back to getting ready for Steak dinner with the girlfriend and the Missionaries. I have an empty stomach that I would like to share with that steak. That delicious, delicious steak….