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Sales Secrets from the Top 1% | Jordan Belfort with CEO of

I found this fascinating interview with Jordan Belfort, where the CEO of asks Jordan some really interesting questions about what “secrets” he learned in his journey as an uber successful salesperson throughout his life, from childhood through adulthood and into prison and post prison. I’ll update this post as I take notes and find interesting parts to highlight. Enjoy …

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WordPress Shortcode for Auto-Updating Year Script For Copyrights

For the last few years, I’ve been using a small script inline on all of my projects for an auto-updating year within the copyright section of my websites, normally in the footer. It would look something like this: &copy;2012-<script>document.write((new Date).getFullYear());</script> Siam Tek is a Trademark of Siam Tek Web Design Group And while this works well most of the time, …

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Generate Leads With Facebook Search

Facebook for Lead Generation On December 8th, Facebook updated their search bar to make it easier to find posts that have been shared with you. When I heard this, it was pretty exciting. This basically means that Facebook has become so much more valuable as an advertising platform, and it continues to add value for internet marketers and online advertisers …

How to Concatenate Two Columns of Data in Excel

I recently had to figure out how to combine the data from two different columns that I needed in one column for a project at my workplace. After some searching, I discovered the ampersand (&) operator. I was surprised just how similar Excel is to web programming. I had a few hurdles: I needed to combine two separate columns of …

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Why Raising the National Minimum Wage by 39% Is Bad

Go ahead and click the image above to see the video. If the video does not load, try this link instead.   Yes, Kevin Knows What He Is Talking About Erin Burnett asks Kevin O’Leary (a well-known 1%er) about Barack Obama’s latest quest to raise the national minimum wage by 39%. This is his response — Kevin O’Leary (paraphrased): “Our …

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Peter Schiff Responds: Will Walmart shoppers support “Every Day High Wages?”

Would you contribute and additional 15% of every purchase at Wal-Mart to go towards higher wages for Wal-Mart employees? Peter Schiff does a great job here exposing some of the ridiculous arguments that are provided to support higher wages. Obviously, higher wages leads to higher prices.  Who do you think the corporate leadership will turn the extra expenses onto?  Themselves? …

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Possible New Logo

I have been toying around with the idea of designing a really simple, attractive logo for this blog, and I had a few ideas. Here is one of them: What do you think?