Sacrifice Secures Success; True Success Requires Sacrifice

this is the basic logo for the website, How A Mormon ThinksHere’s a thought:  “Sacrifice secures success; true success requires sacrifice.”

The way I see it, sacrifice is an eternal principle that yields results directly related to what you sacrifice.  For instance, if we want to receive a 40 hr paycheck, we must first sacrifice 40 hours of time to a company first. It’s a sacrifice because we would be giving up at least 40 hours of all that time that we could be spending in front of the TV, on Facebook, looking at cat pictures, or sleeping

It’s interesting to note that sacrifice is also a basic principle in economics (opportunity cost).
We seem to know that when it comes to money and success, we must first sacrifice whatever it takes to receive our acceptable levels of money or success.  Nothing less will suffice.

But unlike money and success, spiritual healing and spiritual growth require completely different types of sacrifices: like giving up hatred to make place for love, giving up grudges to make room for forgiveness, giving up vices for personal rectitude, etc
.  Sacrifice is the precursor to any stable level of spiritual fortitude.

Of all the personal principles to begin aligning ourselves to, spiritual fortitude may be one of the most elusive, yet most rewarding.  It leads to joy, happiness, abundance and hope.

Yet, just think about it–without sacrifice, we are without all of these things.  Therefore, sacrifice must be of paramount importance.