America Must Be Free Again


What makes Ron Paul so different from the other candidates?  He is one of the few politicians that actually considers the United States Constitution as the rule of law!  So what’s so different about that?


Remember, the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were created to limit the power and scope of government, not to limit the power and rights of the people.  Without these “limiting” documents, we would have a Federal government that is more powerful than the will of the people to be free.

Now think for a second.  Is your will represented by our Federal government today?  Do you support the wars abroad?  Do you support Obamacare? Do you support the actions of the Federal Reserve (including the bailouts)?  Do you support the Department of Education? The EPA? FDA?

If you are like most people, you may feel helpless or scared at the thought of trying to restrain your governments’ and agents of governments’ overreaching actions.

Did you know that if we actually followed our Consitution we would not have all these problems? It’s interesting to know that just one simple principle can fix those problems.

There is only one man that is running for President this year that is obedient to that principle, as you will see in this video below.  It is an adherance to simple principles like this, that cause people like me, and many others to support Ron Paul for President.