Meme Bomb #1

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ron paul ad

The difference between isolationism and non interventionism.
See Switzerland, then North Korea.  See the Difference?

malcolm x violence is wrong - war draft quote
Malcolm X was a great man–not because he supported violence
to protect his people, but because he protected his people from violence
with his words.

Mitt has yet to fill a bathroom.  Ron Paul regularly gets thousands at his rallies. 
Why is this not televised again?

non interventionism for dummies
I can understand if you don’t like Dwight D Eisenhower as a politician–
but as a 5 star general?  Can you really say he’s wrong?

government - turn it off and back on again
Guy Fawkes for the win!

changing yourself for love
This is the truth in so many ways.

President Spencer W Kimball with some timeless wisdom.  Was he right?
visit the “Warlike People” website for more info:

Why did he say “we are a warlike people”?
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Joseph Smith and Mitt Romney seem to have some disagreements.
Oh to have Joseph Smith back!

True story.

Left and right, hand-in-hand. Should we be proud of the cooperation?

I don’t think I have ever seen a politician speak so much truth in my short life.
Ron Paul gets it right again!