Gary Johnson: The Quip Heard Around the World (Well, Sorta)

Ok I’m gonna bite.  I just recently saw the most recent GOP Presidential debate, and I actually enjoyed it (parts of it anyway).  My candidate, Gary Johnson, was actually on the stage!!! *gasp*  Throughout the entire debate, the moderators tried to give as much fair time to each candidate to answer questions from Youtubers around the United States–However, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney’s faces took up most of the screen for the night.  There were some good zingers, one-liners, and innovative ideas presented.  This lineup is by far much better representative of the Republican party than last election.  I think that there is a very good chance that the GOP will produce a winner this time around.

Anyways, for those of you that have not seen the debate yet, here is the full, nearly 2 hour debate:

For those that could care less about watching the whole thing, feel free to read this basic overview of the debate, with enough political jabs and enough gut laughs that could make someone as stiff and frumpy as the Queen of England smile.  (like this)

Put simply, Mitt was the election machine, consistently attacking Perry with surgical precision. Perry seemed a little lost. Bachmann tried to appeal to the tea party (tho she has no idea what she’s talking about). Cain was on top of his game–consistently flipping questions to his favor promoting his “9 9 9” plan and his proposed budget/program cuts. Ron Paul and Johnson were largely ignored for the debate. Huntsman knocked a question about education out of the park. Gingrich managed to question the legitimacy of every question, and also promised a “21st Century Contract With America” sometime “next thursday.”  Santorum butted in to answer other candidates questions, as usual.

Ron Paul kept his answers as simple as possible–he’s been doing this sort of thing for a long time–he’s getting better.  He had some great answers, worth checking out (here).  Gary Johnson seemed nervous, even reading notes from the paper on his podium to reference his answers. Although he did have a great zinger, where he said: “My next-door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration.”  The moderators, the entire audience, the entire stage erupted in laughter.  Even Mitt chuckled a little bit. Looks like Johnson just won a few serious political looks.  You can see this zinger below (also witness the other politicians reaction to it):

Now, for those of you Republicans that follow Rush, I know what your thinking–that was a line that Rush used on his show very recently.  Well, Gary, being the upstanding and honest man that he is–did not take credit for the line.  On his twitter account about an hour after the debate, he gave credit where it was due.  He wrote: “the dogs, I understand Rush Limbaugh made the same point. Credit to Rush for a great and very true line.”

As a matter of fact after the debate, this one-liner propelled “gary johnson” to the number three most searched term in the United States.  About 12 hours later, Gary made it to the number one spot in Google searches.  I offer proof. Witness it:

#3 is pretty good, no?
It gets better. 🙂


Now here’s my dig on the man who was just recently called “the sanest man running for president” in GQ Magazine, Gary Johnson:

I like Gary Johnson.  And truthfully so do many other people that know him or have had the privilege of being governed by him here in the state of New Mexico.

He may not be a master debater or an excellent orator all the time, but he may be the most honest politician that has ever been elected–especially if compared to the other candidates on the stage.

He has a solid reputation: He is the only governor running for president where his people still view him favorably! He has won a lot of people over here in the state of NM, Democrats, Republicans, and especially a good portion of the independent group.

He’s an almost extinct commodity in American politics: He’s *actually* an honest politician.  And we know it!  He even wrote a great book (called 7 Principles of Good Government) about how to run an honest and completely transparent government!

Even if you don’t like his debate performance because he was nervous, or because what you have seen of him is very minimal, or even if you don’t like what little you have heard from him, check out his ResumeTrack Record!  Google it, yahoo it, wikipedia it, whatever you have to do to get it.

Personally, I don’t think we don’t need another talker in office, but a real, honest governor with solid experience with working with many different political backgrounds to come up with *real* solutions for the sea of mess that we have here in Washington.  I mean honestly, why should we settle for less?