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Generate Leads With Facebook Search

Facebook for Lead Generation

On December 8th, Facebook updated their search bar to make it easier to find posts that have been shared with you. When I heard this, it was pretty exciting. This basically means that Facebook has become so much more valuable as an advertising platform, and it continues to add value for internet marketers and online advertisers (like myself).

Updates to Facebook Search

From Facebook’s Newsroom:

Today we’re updating Facebook Search to make it easier to find the posts that have been shared with you.

You’ve given us a lot of feedback on the Graph Search beta. You’ve told us the most important thing is being able to find posts you’ve seen before, and now you can. With a quick search, you can get back to a fun video from your graduation, a news article you’ve been meaning to read, or photos from your friend’s wedding last summer.


If you want to search using phrases like “My friends who live in New York,” you still can.

Your search results are personalized and unique to you and, as always, you can only see things that have been shared with you.

You’ve also told us you need better search on your phone, so today’s updates were designed for mobile — they’ll be available on Facebook for iPhone in addition to desktop.

Search at Facebook is a long-term effort. Today is a step toward helping you tap into the experiences and perspectives of your friends.

These updates will roll out this week in US English on iPhone and desktop. For more information, visit search.fb.com.

If you have a business, this can have far reaching effects for you. This basically means that you can now use Facebook Search to mine warm leads from your current Circle of Influence.

If you are familiar with Facebook Search, you may already know that it has lacked a single feature that would make it much more powerful — the ability to search and find posts that you have already seen, or even the ability to search and to find posts that have been hidden by Facebook’s algorithm. With Facebook Search’s new changes,

No matter the industry you are in, you can now use Facebook Search to find posts that have certain keywords that are related to your field: Real Estate Agents can search for “buy a home”, “sell my house”, etc.  Loan Officers on the mortgage side can now use similar keywords, like “refinance” or “reverse mortgage”.

If you use your imagination, I am totally sure that you can brainstorm at least a page full of words and phrases that you can search for on Facebook.

You can find out more about the new features here, at search.fb.com.