General Conference!!!

The General Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Conference is about to begin!!!

In a few hours General Conference will begin, and the Spirit will be spilled upon it’s listeners in it’s fullness.  I am totally psyched for this years conference: as there are many new things in my life and in the world at large that have changed significantly from this past April.  Today and tomorrow, I look forward to hearing guidance from some of the strongest leaders and most spiritual disciples that I have ever had the privilege to listen to.  This weekend, hope chills me.  Faith fills me.  And love thrills me.

Please, if you are in need of guidance, inspiration, or answers: Tune in, read/view past Conferences, & stream this live General Conference as it is being broadcast via this link:

Pray, read, learn and love.  May all out there have peace in their hearts, and share a Holy cause to guide us all.

I am about to embark on an amazing experience!  ðŸ™‚