Learn More, Study Less: The Ultimate Study Guide

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I just finished my personal review for the study course put together by Scott H. Young called “Learn More, Study Less” at the website that I am managing of the same name.   Please tell me what you think of the review, as it will be trafficked heavily in an ad campaign over the next few weeks/months (and of course, I do not want to waste money if it’s no good).

Be critical!  I want to hear it if it turns you off, gets you interested, makes you fall asleep, or if it motivates you to buy (cause that’s my ultimate motivation for the ad campaign).  Tell me of spelling errors, awkward wording, poor grammar, poor word choice, look of the site, the feel of the site as a whole, or just anything that you feel like sounding off about. 

I need it!!! 

So please, help me to make this upcoming ad campaign successful, and click on the link below:

Learn More, Study Less: The Ultimate Study Guide

Also, if you feel like buying the product, it would help me greatly. 🙂