Marching Band, Anyone? — The Solution to Many of the World’s Sicknesses

Who are we? What can we do to change perceptions about us and people like us?

I believe that those things that matter most are how we treat each other, teach each other, and help each other to choose. And for that reason, I choose to support two things: fighting for the right to make more powerful choices, and working to help people make the most out of each and every choice that they make. I also realize that a lot of the time, that means marching to the beat of a different drum.

We need to stop trying to fit in! Hiding our labels, lying about our origins or faith systems. In addition to being honest to ourselves and each other about ourselves, we need to be bold with who we are, what we believe, what we do, and who we associate with.

We need not hide behind social acceptance or societal support. Our real destiny lies in being ourselves for the sake of other people. Other people will gain strength from our strong examples.

What can you do to change perceptions about you and people like you? Be Yourself.

What can be more important than that?

I hope it will not be said that I did nothing.