The Joplin Tornado Hits Home

A few days ago, I received a text from a very good friend that told me that the house that she was in got hit by a tornado.

I was appalled. She said that it leveled the whole town–the house that she was in had no roof or walls when they came out of the basement.  In the 35 minute long tornado pass, they lost a hospital and a bunch of homes, and at least 117 people died. 🙁   The National Guard came in immediately to help clean up.

I can’t imagine what it is like to be involved in a natural disaster.  NM weather is so mild in its weather.

One thing that I really appreciated was the fact that she was able to continue to stay positive despite the mess around her.  Her texts were filled with smiley faces and glaringly positive statements like “everything is ok, so everything else doesn’t matter!!”

The family that she was staying with will stay with her family in her house (which was almost untouched by the t-5 beast) until they can figure out where the home insurance comes in to help.

My concern tho, is that the insurance companies may sit on people’s checks for 6-14 months after the disaster as happened in the greater Houston area when Hurricane Ike hit there in 2008.  When I was selling pest control down there, I ran into so many people that were forced to live in their homes without a roof, without walls, and with egregious amounts of mold and insects that infested their humid homes after the fact.  It saddens me to think that companies like Wells Fargo would cause people to wait for so long under such unacceptable living conditions for so long.  I hope that banks won’t do the same thing in Joplin, especially with tornado season coming in full swing in that area.

:/  I’m usually optimistic, but things like this worry me.


Here are some news articles concerning the Joplin Tornado:
Joplin Tornado Levels Community: Survivors Return
   Here we learn that this tornado is the deadliest tornado in recorded history with a death count of 117 and rising.

Disaster Victim Donation Drive In Response To Joplin, MO Tornado
   This is a press release from the Salvation Army calling for the donation of cases of bottled water and/or gatorade, work Gloves, hygiene products, diapers, toilet paper and paper towels.  

Missouri Coach Frank Haith Assisting With Tornado Relief in Joplin
   Mizzou coach offers his help.

Jerry McMurray, Winner of Daytona 500, Encourages Fans To Donate In Fundraisers For His Hometown, Joplin
   From the above link: “Kansas Speedway is offering a chance for fans to drive laps around the 1.5-mile raceway for a donation to the American Red Cross.

   “The track has two dates scheduled for the fundraiser. Fans can drive under the lights for $50 on June 19 or during the afternoon for $25 on June 24.”

How to make donations for Joplin, MO victims
   They include texting the Salvation Army “JOPLIN” at 80888, Heart of Missouri United Way “JOPLIN” at 864833, and “REDCROSS” at 90999.